Title Offender Type Docket No. Date Issuedsort ascending Holding Dept
Warren, Roshell Valentino - Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance Warren, Roshell Valentino Criminal April 17, 2019 Chambersburg Police Department
Brown, Cleo Hermon - Failed to compy with registration of sexual offenders requirements; Fail to Verify Address/Be photographed Brown, Cleo Hermon Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000192-2019 April 12, 2019 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Walton, Christopher allen - Retail Theft Walton, Christopher allen Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000167-2019 April 3, 2019 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Schmidt, Andrew James - Aggravated Assault; Simple Assault; Harassment Schmidt, Andrew James Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000148-2019 March 27, 2019 Chambersburg Borough Police
Middlekauff, Charles Wesley - Theft of Leased Property Middlekauff, Charles Wesley Criminal mj-39201-CR-0000123-2019 March 6, 2019 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Williams, Radiant K - False Identification to Law Enforcement Authorities Williams, Radiant K Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000104-2019 February 22, 2019 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Pereira-Pereira, Jorge Oscar - 1 Count Theft By Unlawful Taking 30065955 - Pereira-Pereira, Jorge Oscar Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000027-2019 January 10, 2019 Chambersburg Police Dept.
Putnam , Amanda N - Forgery; Theft by Deception Putnam , Amanda N Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000004-2019 January 2, 2019 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Comfort-Johnson, Chase Mikel - (1 count) Simple Assault Comfort-Johnson, Chase Mikel Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000595-2018 November 20, 2018 Chambersburg Police Department
Lunsford, Brian - Criminal trespass; Criminal mischief Lunsford, Brian Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000556-2018 October 30, 2018 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Kelley, Percell C. - Indirect Criminal Contempt Kelley, Percell C. Criminal MJ-39201-MD-0000040-2018 October 3, 2018 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Martinez-Garcia, Jose - Simple assault; Harassment Martinez-Garcia, Jose Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000514-2018 October 2, 2018 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
little, anna kaye - (1) Count of Theft by Deception (F3) little, anna kaye Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000345-2018 July 16, 2018 Chambersburg Police Dept
Nixon, Clifford Jr. - (2) Counts Forgery; (1) count Access Device Fraud Nixon, Clifford Jr. Criminal MJ-39307-CR-0000382-2017 November 25, 2017 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Martin-Vicente, Rolando - Simple Assault Martin-Vicente, Rolando Criminal MJ-39201-0000527-2017 October 2, 2017 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Perez Velasquez, Jose Gilberto - (1) count of Simple Assault Perez Velasquez, Jose Gilberto Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000435-2017 August 14, 2017 Chambersburg Police Dept.
Pol, Arleen - Theft of Leased Property Pol, Arleen Criminal MJ-39201-0000219-2017 April 7, 2017 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Parker, Jennifer L - 1 count Theft by Deception Parker, Jennifer L Criminal March 27, 2017 Chambersburg Police Dept
Aguilar Lopez, Marroquin - Delivery or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver Controlled Substance Etc Aguilar Lopez, Marroquin Criminal CR-0000590-10 January 30, 2017 Chambersburg Police Department
Johnson, Angel Moriah Nicole - (1) count Simple Assault Johnson, Angel Moriah Nicole Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000494-2015 January 14, 2017 Chambersburg Police Department