Records Division

Overview of the Department

The Records Division/Clerical Department consists of (3) personnel - (2) full-time secretaries and (1) Public Services Assistant who are responsible for a variety of tasks. 

All of our secretaries are responsible for the day to day filing of police reports, accident reports and citations. They must ensure that all the information contained in the police report is logged into our computers properly and accurately so that an accurate reporting of information can be made to the state in the form of UCR reports. 
In addition, they also act as a liaison between the police department and the Borough of Chambersburg keeping track of personnel records, payroll, training records, etc. 

Various Duties of Each

The Officer Manager is the Personal Secretary to the Chief of Police and is the supervisor/manager of the Clerical Department. The Officer Manager is responsible for completing various monthly reports, one of which is known as the PA Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and contains crucial information for State records. In addition, she also performs some secretarial duties for the Mayor of Chambersburg. 

Our other secretary, titled Secretary I is responsible for the maintenance of employee time cards which are forwarded to the Borough Personnel Department and ensures that information entered into the department's computers is accurate. She also prepares citations for unpaid parking tickets issued by both the Borough meter readers and the police officers. 

The Public Services Assistant / Receptionist is responsible for managing the front office operations, such as communicating with the public, inter-department requests made the by officers, Chief of Police and the Mayor of Chambersburg. 

Special Note

While only a small portion of their duties have been listed, our secretaries provide a valuable service to the department and the community. They are a critical part of the day to day operations of the police department.