Statement from the Office of the Mayor of Chambersburg

Borough of Chambersburg
Mayor Walt Bietsch

May 12th, 2020
Statement from the Office of the Mayor of Chambersburg

This statement is to inform the Chambersburg business community about the nature of our handling of the Wolf  Administration’s  COVID-19 Disaster Declaration Order,  
pertaining  to the recent movement to re-open non-waivered businesses in our community. The current status of our community’s standing is that we are in the Governor’s “red”  phase,  which includes the original stay-at-home directive and non-waivered businesses remaining closed.  While the appropriateness of the “red” phase designation is subject to debate, local elected officials do not have the authority to independently permit non-waivered businesses to open during this “red” phase.  Non-waivered business owners/operators who choose to open, do so at their own peril, considering the possible negative impacts that they may experience from the Wolf Administration, for violating the business closure order.  I want to extend my deepest thanks to the business owners/operators in our borough for your cooperation during these trying times.

Our mission will be the continued education of our local businesses as to the unchanged business closure order, issued by Governor Wolf.  When we make contact with non-waivered businesses that are not permitted to be open at this time, our approach will be that of educating and advising.  We want businesses to possess accurate information regarding the Wolf  Administration orders and the consequences threatened by him.   We request that non-waivered businesses who have contact with Chambersburg police officers, maintain a level of civility, cooperation, and respect for these officers who are tasked with a difficult mission in these difficult times.

Our officers will treat all with civility, respect, and will conduct themselves professionally.  Non-waivered businesses that have not received a copy of the Governor’s March 19th state-wide health emergency order will be provided with a copy, along with the Secretary of Pa. Department of Health’s order.  Business owners/operators will be informed of the possible revocation by the state, of any license under which they operate.  The Chambersburg Borough Police Department does not have the authority to revoke state-issued licenses.

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