The Chambersburg Police Department recognizes the right of peaceful assembly and has supported each individual’s right to participate in the numerous protest that have been ongoing for the last several months.  All recent and previous protest events in Chambersburg have been peaceful and without violence or property damage of any kind.  Some recent rumors have been circulating on social media and have indicated threats to the peacefulness of planned protests that are pending on this last weekend of August 2020.  All of the recent threats and innuendo to cause mischief or interfere with the right to peaceful assembly have been investigated by the department and have been found to be lacking in credibility and without merit to date.  

The Chambersburg Police Department will not tolerate interference of any kind with any person’s right to lawfully and peacefully demonstrate nor will the department tolerate disorderly or unlawful behavior of any kind at any protest gathering. The Chambersburg Police Department will stand by and be present to protect the legal constitutional rights of citizens for public assembly and ground of speech.  The department doesn't anticipate nor would we permit disorderly or unlawful behavior at any protest or gathering. We have no reason to believe that upcoming demonstrations will be any less peaceful than those in the recent past.