Windows Defender Scam

The Waynesboro Police Department has been made aware of a scam going around involving a computer program called Windows Defender. A person claiming to be with a company called Window Defender, has been contacting a subject and told them that they owed money to this computer program company. The person claiming to be from the Window Defender company then talked the subject into giving them access to his computer so they could show him how they transferred too much money into the subjects account on a "mock bank account"  website. Once showing the individual how they moved the money around they requested that the subject transfer a larger amount into this account.  If this should happen to you, DO NOT give any personal information out, cash any suspicious checks or write any checks/send money of your own.   

Please be aware of the following scam tactics:

>Requesting of iTunes cards , Google Play cards, other gift cards

>Winner of an excessive amount of money through emails, letters, texts, etc.