Scam Alert


The Waynesboro Police Department has been notified of a new scam. A subject claiming to be from Apple Customer Service is calling and asking individuals if they have a computer and what sites they visit. The subject then states that they see a problem and have the individual transferred to a "Tier 2" technician. This technician then gains access to the victim's computer. No personal information was ever asked for, but access was gained to the individual's computer. The Waynesboro Police Department would like to make the residents of Waynesboro aware of this scam. If this should happen to you, DO NOT give any personal information out or allow them to ask any other questions; simply disconnect the call. If you have a way to block the number they called from, please do so. 

Please be aware of the following scam tactics:

>Requesting of iTunes cards , Google Play cards, other gift cards

>Winner of an excessive amount of money through emails, letters, texts, etc.