Press Release

February 9, 2021

Today the Franklin County Office of the District Attorney will announce the arrest of a former Waynesboro police officer. The acts alleged in the charging documents are appalling and offensive to the sensibilities. We recognize that individuals must be held accountable for their behavior and may not be assumed guilty or innocent by virtue of their association. Recognizing that this accountability is enhanced as this individual once held a position of public trust, we affirm that the alleged actions of this individual do not represent the values and ethics of the Waynesboro Police Department. Acutely aware that the expectations of our community have been tarnished by this occurrence, we will not allow the actions of one individual to define our future. We will work diligently to restore any semblance of confidence lost. We will not compromise our commitment to the privilege of serving our community with fidelity, honor and integrity. 

James H. Sourbier 

Chief of Police

Waynesboro Police Department