Teddy To The Rescue

Nicole McCann, 18, of the Waynesboro Area Senior High School is part of the Junior Civitan Club. As a community project, Nicole created the Teddy to the Rescue Campaign. Nicole, along with her mother and fellow classmates, collected roughly 175 stuffed animals. The stuffed animals were donated to the Waynesboro Police Department. Nicole says she hopes to have the animals handed out to "help comfort and offer solace to children who are in situations no one would imagine they would be in." Attached to each stuffed animal is a message of encouragement for the children. The members of the Waynesboro Police Department are grateful to Nicole and her friends for the efforts they have made to help lend aide and comfort to the children of our community who are faced with traumatic events.

**Pictured from Left to Right: Corporal Ryan Ramsey, Nicole McCann, Sergeant Andrew Zeigler