Communication Initiatives – Pedestrian Safety Wave 1 2020

                   Communication Initiatives – Pedestrian Safety Wave 1 2020

The Waynesboro Police Department will be participating in a Pedestrian Safety Enforcement wave during the week of October 19th 2020.  While pedestrian safety is always a primary concern, this enforcement wave will target specific areas for intensified enforcement activities.

The road is not just for cars! Cyclists, please remember to ride on the right side of the road; Pedestrians, walk against traffic, use the crosswalks and, when present, activate the flashing warning lights. #ShareTheRoad

Remember when you first learned to cross the street? Look left, right and left again before crossing? That’s still good advice today. You can also make sure you stay safe by obeying traffic control devices and using crosswalks. These signs and signals help identify who must yield at a crosswalk. If there’s no crosswalk and you’re not at an intersection, then you are the one who must yield. There’s a lot of us sharing the road so follow these simple tips to be safe, PA. Learn more at

Check out this video with your kids as a great refresher on walking safely:

Remember to stop at least 10ft away from buses that have red lights flashing and stop arm extended. #SchoolBusSafety

Following or traveling alongside a school bus? You must stop until red lights have stopped flashing, the stop arm is down and, the children have reached safety.

“One Parent to Another” Pedestrian Safety

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