Title Offendersort descending Type Docket No. Date Issued Holding Dept
Warren, Patrick Hugh - (1) count Simple Assault (M2) and 2 additional charges Warren, Patrick Hugh Criminal CR-0057-17 April 13, 2018
Miller, James Aaron - Theft By Unlawful Taking Miller, James Aaron Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000683-2015 December 8, 2015 Chambersburg Borough PD
Valdez, Nicolas Robelio - Indecent Assault Valdez, Nicolas Robelio Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000595-2009 October 30, 2009 Chambersburg Borough PD
Hernandez, Jesus Isaiah - (1) Count of Small Amount of Marijuana Hernandez, Jesus Isaiah Criminal CR-0288-18 August 29, 2018
Andino-Herrera, Kritzia Marie - Contempt for Violation of Order-PFA Andino-Herrera, Kritzia Marie PFA MJ-39201-MD-0000034-2016 July 18, 2016 Chambersburg Police Department
Rivera, Sandy - Possession With Intent To Deliver and 1 additional charge Rivera, Sandy Criminal CR-0000226-11 April 26, 2011 Chambersburg Police Department
Camell, Louis John - (1) (M) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Camell, Louis John Criminal CR-0452-17 April 13, 2018
Garcia Lopez, Mario Enrique - (2) Count DUI and 1 additional charge Garcia Lopez, Mario Enrique Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000244-2015 April 30, 2015 Chambersburg Police Department
Ortiz-Otero, Christian M - 1 count Forgery Ortiz-Otero, Christian M Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000448-2016 August 22, 2016 Chambersburg Borough PD
Sosa Roman, Elmer - Agg. Indecent Assault and 1 additional charge Sosa Roman, Elmer Criminal CR-0000272-09 May 18, 2009 Chambersburg Police Department
Santiago-Campos, Miguel Angel - Agg. Indecent Assault and 1 additional charge Santiago-Campos, Miguel Angel Criminal CR-0000271-09 May 9, 2009 Chambersburg Police Dept
Blanco, Maria Angela - 1 count Forgery and 1 additional charge Blanco, Maria Angela Criminal CR-0000276-08 May 20, 2008 Chambersburg Police Department
Martinez-Franco, Carlos - Rape and 2 additional charges Martinez-Franco, Carlos Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000545-2016 October 5, 2016 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Shriver, Margaret Diane - (1) count DUI of Controlled Substances Shriver, Margaret Diane Bench MJ-39201-CR-0000173-2016 June 2, 2016 Chambersburg Police Department
Gonzalez, Jeremias Pineda - 1 Count Identity Theft Gonzalez, Jeremias Pineda Criminal CR-0000363-09 July 6, 2009 Chambersburg Police Department
Franco, Abelardo - 1 Count Identity Theft and 1 additional charge Franco, Abelardo Criminal CR-0000372-09 July 8, 2009 Chambersburg Police Department
Scott, Leticia - Forgery Scott, Leticia Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000602-2019 December 6, 2019 Chambersburg Borough Police Dept.
Ramirez Aguilar, Lindolfo - Robbery and 1 additional charge Ramirez Aguilar, Lindolfo Criminal MJ-39201-CR-0000404-2012 July 16, 2012 Chambersburg Police Department
Castillo-Tobar, Salvador - Rape and 4 additional charges Castillo-Tobar, Salvador Criminal CR-0000434-08 August 14, 2008 Chambersburg Police Department
Corado Asencio, Sandra Arana - 1 Count Identity Theft Corado Asencio, Sandra Arana Criminal CR-0000453-10 December 20, 2016 Chambersburg Police Department