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On 5/14/2016, at approximately 2030 hrs, the Chambersburg Police Department responded to a traffic accident in front of 993 Wayne Ave. Initial investigation revealed that a vehicle driven by Deidra R. Penrose was making a left turn, from the parking lot, when she struck a pedestrian (71 year old...

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On 05-12-16 at 1511hrs Erica Walker was charged with Sale or Illegal use of certain solvents and noxious substances when she was found under the influence of keyboard duster.
Eighteen year old Calab West, struck a 9 year old male in the face, causing injury. Charges for Simple Assault were filed, once police finished their investigation.
Wanted for Indecent Assault of a 9yo child
Miller stole a large sum of money, from his place of employment. He has been on the run since. Please leave a tip, if you have any information at all, concerning his whereabouts.