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A girl's BMX style bicycle was stolen from the 200 block of North Main Street some time between July 14 and July 15, 2016. The bicycle is described as neon pink with neon green handlebars and pegs. The bike says "Troublemaker" on the frame. A picture of a similar bicycle is attached.

Case Status:

On 07/19/16 CPD units were dispatched to 377 E Liberty Street to investigate a found bicycle laying on the sidewalk. Anyone wishing to claim the bicycle can come to Chambersburg Police Department with proof of ownership.
On 07/18/2016 at approx. 1625 hrs, CPD Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Antony Destinvil for traffic violations and an active warrant. Destinvil was traveling on Central Ave on a motorbike and the Officer activated the emergency lights and siren. Destinvil began to accelerate in...
Chambersburg Police are investigating a report of a stolen bicycle from the 2000 block of Powell Drive. The bicycle was described as being an adult bicycle, black in color, with the bicycle grip missing from the left handle bar.

Case Status:

Kritzia Andino-Herrera is wanted for a PFA (Protection From Abuse) violation.