Update on CPD's Covid-19 Response

Yesterday, Governor Wolf ordered the closure of all non-life essential businesses. He also invoked his authority to use state and local resources, to enforce this order. 

Below are two important links:

  1. A copy of the Governor's business closure order, the order from the PA Dept. of Health.


  1. A list of businesses, which currently can and cannot be open. 


This order went into effect last evening at 20:00 hrs, but enforcement of that order is authorized at 00:01 hrs Saturday, March 21st.

The men and women of the Chambersburg Police Department understand that the current crisis is unprecedented and evolving; patience and understanding during this time is key. The Chambersburg Police Department will be educating those business that defy the order with a goal of getting compliance. If enforcement is warranted, citations can be issued.  

If the owners want to appeal their businesses placement on the non-life essential list, here are two email addresses where that request can be sent: ra-dcedes@pa.gov or ra-dcexemption@pa.gov.

The submission of an appeal does not circumvent the enforcement of the order.

I want assure all members of the Greater Chambersburg community that the officers of the Chambersburg Police Department will continue to be professional, maintain their composure, educate the public, and carry out the business of law enforcement in the Borough.

Stay Healthy,

Chief Ron Camacho