Skimmer Suspect Arrested

During early November 2017 the Chambersburg Police Department received several reports regarding access device fraud which was associated with multiple F&M Trust account holders. Numerous victims discovered that their ATM debit/credit card numbers and or bank accounts had been compromised and varying amounts of money had been withdrawn from individual accounts via Chambersburg area F&M Trust ATM machines. The total loss to F&M Trust and its customers was a portion of the 1.2 Million dollar scheme enacted by De Miranda Martinez and others who worked in cooperation with him to perpetrate these thefts.

Upon investigation, the Chambersburg Police Department developed information that led the investigation to be joined by Federal Agents of the Richmond Field Office of the FBI. Multiple persons involved in the thefts were found to be connected to a ring of several perpetrators who had been setting skimming devices on ATM machines at multiple locations in the Middle Atlantic Region. The skimming devices then recorded ATM debit/credit card information from unsuspecting ATM users which was then used to allow the perpetrators to make fraudulent ATM debit/credit cards which were then used to make cash withdrawals at various locations throughout the Chambersburg area.

The Chambersburg Police Department credits its License Plate Reader (LPR) technology, cellular phone tracking technology, and interagency cooperation with the FBI and F&M Trust Security Officers with the successful investigation, arrest and apprehension of Roberto De Miranda Martinez who was taken into custody in Colonial Heights Virginia while in the commission of setting and or retrieving a skimming device.  De Miranda Martinez was found to be a Chilean foreign national who had overstayed his visa and was not lawfully in the United States at the time of arrest. De Miranda Martinez has since pled guilty to Federal charges relating to this incident and others throughout Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Other suspects related to De Miranda Martinez are expected to be apprehended and charged in this scheme of theft in the future.