Shell Oil Company Sweepstakes Scam

On 10/19/18 the Chambersburg Police Department was alerted of a phone scam.  The caller claims to be a representative from Shell Oil Company alerting the individual that they have won a substantial amount of money.  In an attempt to legitimize the scam the caller tells the individual to contact attorney John Donavan with Ropes and Gray Law Firm out of New York City.  Another number is provided for the attorney.  When called another individual answers the phone and pretends to be attorney John Donavan.  This person tells the individual they would owe the law firm $5,000.00 to obtain legal counsel before they can claim their winnings.  They were to wire transfer the money to a male before services were provided.  Both males had Hispanic accents.  The Chambersburg Police Department made contact with the real Attorney John Donavan with Ropes and Gray Law Firm.  Attorney Donavan confirmed that this is a scam that his law firm has been dealing with for about a week.  Attorney Donavan does not represent Shell Oil Company in any way.