Recently, CPD received a scam report from a local physician. The suspect called the victim's office and specifically requested her by name. The suspect identified himself as a local law enforcement officer who needed to speak with the victim about her missing jury duty. The suspect told the the victim that she failed to report for jury duty on two separate occasions and each violation carried a $2,000 fine. The suspect used threats of arrest to coerce the victim into paying him $4,000 over the phone. The suspect remained on the phone with the victim as she traveled to two local stores and purchased 8 moneypack cards to pay for the fines. NO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY WILL COLLECT FINES IN THIS MANNER. NO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY OR COURT WILL PERMIT PAYMENT BY MEANS OF A MONEYPACK CARD, APPLE I TUNES CARD, OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF GIFT CARD! Hang up the phone and report any scam attempt to your local law enforcement agency.  

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