First Week of School Extra Police Patrols

The Chambersburg Police Department assisted the Chambersburg Area School District Police Department with extra patrols around the schools within the Borough of Chambersburg.  These patrols began on August 18, 2016 and ran through August 26, 2016.   Officers patrolled the schools in vehicles, on bicycles and on foot from 7am-10am and then from 2pm-5pm.  Several traffic enforcement details were operated to deter speeding within the school zones.  Other issues that were addressed were parking complaints and traffic congestion.  The officers spoke to many students, parents, school administrators, teachers and crossing guards to gather information as to any further issues that could be addressed throughout the school year.


Traffic stops- 6

Parking warnings- 4

Traffic Warnings- 7

Criminal Warnings-2

Teacher Contacts-Over 13

Student Contacts- Over 101

Crossing Guards Contacts- Over 5

Speed enforcement details-3