Events in Dallas

The Chambersburg Police Department would like to send out our thoughts and prayers to the Dallas, Texas Police Department. It is hard to imagine the difficulties the officers and citizens are having processing this heinous and tragic event. We can only wish them Godspeed in their efforts to recover from this horrible incident.

The Chambersburg Police Department is committed to the safety of the citizens who live, work, and visit the Borough every day. As always we would ask these same citizens to report any suspicious activity or information they come across to the police department at 263-1611, via Crime Watch, or if it’s ongoing/emergency then through the Franklin County 911 Center.

 The Chambersburg Police Department is available to conduct presentations on the best practices when dealing with Active Shooter situations, and other safety related classes. Please contact Chief Ron Camacho (261-3280) or SGT Rick Morrissette (264-4131) to schedule one of these presentations or a safety walk through.