CPD Releases New Traffic Safety Strategy

On a consistent basis, the Chambersburg Police Department receives complaints from citizens regarding traffic.  Speeding is one of the most complained about traffic issues in which citizens contact the department.  On average the department handles over 660 traffic accidents per year.  The department has established a strategy to address citizen complaints, increase traffic safety, and reduce accidents and personal injury.

Focus of CPD’s New Traffic Safety Strategy

The Chambersburg Police Department does not conduct traffic enforcement for reasons relating to revenue generation nor are revenues generated through traffic citations any significant portion of the department’s annual budget. Fines and cost associated with all enforcement activities conducted by CPD make up less than 3% of the total budget.  The overall goal of this strategy is to reduce vehicular accidents, injury, and citizen complaints regarding traffic violations.   

CPD’s new traffic control and accident mitigation strategy will focus on three areas for improvement. These areas are Enforcement, Education, and Engineering.

CPD will be conducting traffic enforcement on specific locations which are to be selected through an analysis of locations where traffic accidents occur and locations where traffic violations are reported by citizens to regularly occur. CPD will also work in conjunction with our law enforcement partners to assist us in conducting traffic enforcement throughout the Borough.

In addition to enforcement operations, CPD will also engage in education and outreach regarding locations selected for traffic enforcement, public service announcements and social media outreach regarding traffic and pedestrian safety concerns and explanations about why enforcement is being conducted in targeted areas. 

The third tier of our strategy concerns engineering and environmental design issues that might affect traffic safety. These issues as reported and or discovered through investigation will be reported and or discussed with the Borough’s Parking, Traffic, and Street Light Committee.

Citizens who would like report locations where traffic violations regularly occur are encouraged to submit a tip through Crimewatch under the Contact Us tab.