Attempted Fraud / Scam

On 4/24/2017, a resident reported that she was contacted on Facebook & Messenger from someone claiming to be her Aunt.  The "Aunt" informed her that she had won a large sum of money, but that she needed to arrange for the money to be sent UPS.  The unknown person wanted the resident to send money via a Money Gram.  The resident became suspicious and contacted police.   The Chambersburg Police Dept. would like to warn residents of this attempted scam via Facebook due to a number of scams / attempted scams recently. 

Scam Warning Signs:

1.  Offer is Too Good To Be True

2.  They want private information - Many scams involve getting hold of your bank account details. Scams involving identity theft also seek personal information. A common scenario is an email supposedly from a bank asking you to click on a link to confirm your bank details and password.  If you think the email has really come from your bank, pick up the phone and confirm this with them, but banks don’t do this.

3.  Grammatical Errors / Spelling Mistakes - Common if someone is from a foreign country.

4.  Request for Fees - Scammers will want advance payments or fees to clear the funds or complete their offer. 

5.  Request to Access Your Computer - Never give anyone remote access to your computer unless you have contacted them and are 100% certain they are not a scammer.

6.  Untraceable Payment Method - Money Gram, Western Union, Money Pak Cards, Requests to money / loadable credit cards and provide the numbers to them.

7.  Pressure - Scammers will often put pressure on their victims and urge them to pay immediately or lose the opportunity.

Incident Date: 
Monday, April 24, 2017 - 7:00pm

Incident Type:

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116 S 2nd St
Chambersburg, PA 17201