Accident Investigation - UPDATE



The Chambersburg Police Dept. would like to update the community on the early morning accident that damaged one of our area landmarks that many in the community have learned about through local news agencies this morning.  Many have already sought information as to the extent of the damages, etc.  

On 12/2/2021, at approx. 0250 hrs, a vehicle struck and damaged the fountain on Memorial Square in Chambersburg.  The vehicle that struck the square was reported to have been involved in a Hit & Run on LWE near the Days Inn.  That incident was reported to the PA State Police just prior to this accident.  PSP units and CPD units were attempting to locate the vehicle when it was involved in a second accident at the square.  CPD units were quickly in the area and began an investigation into the second accident.  The driver in the accident was transported via ambulance to Meritus Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries.  As a result of the initial investigation at the scene, this accident is being further investigated as a possible DUI.  The DUI investigation is pending with CPD.  PSP is investigating the Hit & Run that occurred on LWE near the Days Inn.   Additionally, the accident was captured on downtown cameras.   CPD is releasing the video of the incident to the public.  


Thursday, December 2, 2021 - 9:00am

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