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tree.jpg On 8/1/16 Chambersburg Police responded to direct traffic around a tree that had fallen across the 100 block of East Queen Street. No one was injured and the roaway remained closed for approximately 1 hour while the Borough Street Department and Electric Department cleared the roadway.
Kenedy Taveras was arrested for Driving Under the Influence after he nearly struck a parked vehicle while backing up on the roadway.


A juvenile male was struck by a silver Honda Civic with Red rims while the male was walking southbound across W. Liberty St. The Honda was traveling south on S. Main St. when it turned right to travel west on W. Liberty St. The driver of the Honda was a Hispanic male.

Case Status:

Patrick Banks was arrested for Driving Under the Influence after he struck a parked vehicle and fled the area.


While on patrol in the area of W. South St. and Black Ave. the odor of burnt marijuana was detected by two Patrol Officers. Kyle Patterson and another male were located in a vehicle parked on W. South St. It was deteremined that the two had just smoked marijuana inside the vehicle. Patterson gave a...