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On 07/22/2016 at 1504, CPD units were dispatched to the area of 105 Lincoln Way West for a female passed out on a bench. Nichole Martin was located on the bench and was found to be under the influence of a contolled substance. In addition, Martin was found to have an illegal controlled substance...
On 08/07/2016 CPD units were dispatched to a fight located at the Sheetz on Monticello Ct. One on scene, units were advised that one of the actors had brandished a knife during the altercation. The individual was identified as John Dawson who was subsequently arrested for Simple Assault by Physical...
Alex Harrison
On 08/06/2016 CPD officers stop a red Ford Truck which had been reported driving erratically in the area. Upon investigation the driver was found to be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. After an investigation, the driver was placed under arrest for DUI and transported to the Franklin...


Alex Harrison
On 8/6/16 Chambersburg Police investigated a report of an assault. During the investigation police found that Harrison had caused bodily injury to another person. At one point Harrison had struck the victim with a bat after he had choked the victim.
Raymond Melvin Paugh was arrested for public intoxication in the 600 block of East Washington Street. Paugh was causing a disturbance in public, shouting and using profanities which caused concern to neighbors in the vicinity. Paugh was under the influence of alcohol.